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The redox flow battery from Redox Storage Solutions offers numerous possibilities in optimal energy management for companies, housing associations, housing collectives, governments and even private individuals.

Business applications

Save your own energy to greatly increase the efficiency of your own energy installation. Very suitable for collective housing forms (housing blocks, flats). 

Benefit from the price difference between high and low rates by storing electricity from the grid at low rates and using it during peak times. 

A battery system makes it profitable to install two to three times as many renewable energy sources. 

The battery can serve as a backup and source of (fast) emergency power. 

For farms, remote business locations, campsites or other locations with solar panels or wind turbines, the redox flow battery is the ideal way to operate independently from the grid. 

Redox flow batteries tolerate intensive use per day and are therefore very suitable for fast charging stations. 

The battery is very suitable for reducing the capacity costs charged by the network operator (peak shaving).

Private homes

Energy storage for the home is also becoming increasingly interesting for homeowners. Self-generated electricity is available at any time of the day, one or more cars can be charged at night and the residents are no longer bothered by power outages on the network. For business applications at home, a battery is already profitable due to the possibilities of accelerated depreciation and investment deduction.