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Why choose the Vanadium battery from Redox Storage Solutions?

Reliable energy storage

The battery technology of Redox Storage Solutions is very stable and reliable. The electrolyte lasts for at least 20 years and can be discharged more than 20,000 times (completely!) Without the loss of capacity. The most efficient Lithium Ion storage systems last 10 years and have only 80% capacity left.

High efficiency for your solar panels, wind turbines and/or biomass-installation

As an end user, your own energy consumption from sustainable sources can rise from 30% to 80%. This increases the efficiency of your PV, wind or biomass installation accordingly and makes it attractive to scale it up. Due to the long service life and the ability to fully discharge without loss of capacity, the Vanadium Redox flow battery has a much lower kilowatt hour price than Lithium Ion variants.

A scalable system for every application

Redox flow batteries can easily be put together according to your specific wishes. The stacks (which provide the capacity) and the tanks with electrolyte (which determine the capacity) can both be scaled independently of each other. In one unit, 1 to 6 stacks can handle 2.5 kW to 15 kW of power. The capacity can range from 13kWh per module to 300 kWh. Multiple units can be easily linked for industrial applications.

A compact design for an increased efficiency

Redox Storage Solutions uses the best design in redox flow technology. Researchers from Fraunhofer Umsicht in Oberhausen have succeeded to design cells of 2 to 3 mm thick that make up the stacks  (previously 8 to 10 mm). The stacks are therefore much more compact and its cost price is now comparable with Lithium Ion batteries.

100% fire and explosion proof

If safety comes first, Redox Storage Solutions has the best energy storage method for you. The redox flow battery is water-based and is therefore non-flammable. Explosion hazard is zero.

Sustainable energy in an environmental system

Vanadium Redox flow battery increases the efficiency of sustainable energy generation and thus contributes to a society with a smaller CO2 footprint. Moreover, the Vanadium electrolyte can be fully reused after the end of its life. Furthermore, the CO2 emission-free system produces no noise.

High quality system with the best partners

Redox Storage Solutions works with high-quality components and with the best partners. Our storage systems have been developed in Germany at the renowned Fraunhofer Umsicht. The batteries are assembled at VDL Modules BV in Helmond. Redox Storage Solutions delivers the systems turnkey with a complete package of services, including the installation, discharge tests, maintenance and environmentally responsible disposal of your old batteries.